Father and Daughters Quality Bonding Time on a Charming Weekend

Betty was supposed to be in Melbourne for her holiday and her sister, Rebecca, had a work trip to Kuala Lumpur. But due to the travel restrictions during this Covid-19 period, they are both grounded in Singapore.

Their father, Eric, has always been very busy with his seafood distribution business located in Senoko. He is only free during Mondays when he does not need to supply to restaurants. Now you know why most restaurants are not opened on Monday. He always look forward to spending more time with his two daughters but they were either at school or at work during his free day.

Last Monday was the perfect opportunity for Eric to bring his daughters out for a fishing trip to the Singapore southern islands together with their boyfriends as both their overseas trip was cancelled. It was Betty, Rebecca and their boyfriends' virgin fishing trip. Initially, they were wondering whether they would catch any fish but their doubts were cleared as soon as they reached the first fishing spot.

Under the professional and patient guidance from the fishing guide on board, Betty caught her first Monocle Bream.

Fishing Singapore
Betty with her first Monocle Bream

She had the beginner's luck and landed one bream after another.

Fishing Singapore
Beginner's luck is very real
Fishing Singapore
Hi there.... again

Before the trip, Rebecca was worried that she will get seasick as she had gotten it once during a ferry ride. She was still weary when she came on board but every changed after she caught her first White Cheek Bream.

Fishing Singapore
Rebecca with her first White Cheek Bream

Somehow the Monocle Breams were attracted to Betty and the White Cheek Breams were attracted to Rebecca.

Fishing Singapore
This is going to be lunch!

Both of their boyfriends joined in the fun too!

Fishing Singapore
The guys are not losing to the ladies
Fishing Singapore
That is a good size Monocle Bream
Fishing Singapore
This is too small and will be released after photo taking

They even managed to catch three fish together - Spanish Flag Snapper, White Cheek Bream and Indian Hind Grouper. Amazing effort for first timers!

Fishing Singapore
Triple hookup with snapper, bream and grouper!

As a father, Eric, was very delighted that his daughters enjoyed this hobby of his so much. Most of his attention during the trip was on his two darlings rather than fishing but he still managed to catch an Emperor Snapper.

Emperor Snapper Singapore
The dad with his Emperor Snapper

After they caught enough fish for BBQ, the experience captain shifted fishing spot to target bigger fish and also to avoid the storm that was brewing nearby. They had all caught quite a couple of smaller fish which were kept as live bait to target bigger predators. Upon reaching the spot, the live fish was lowered into the depths in search of their trophy fish.

The captain was quite confident that a big fish would bite because the current was perfect and the water quality was excellent. It was not long before lunch that the rod bent hard and Rebecca landed a very good size Green Eye Grouper.

Grouper Singapore
The trophy Green Eye Grouper

Satisfied with the catches, they headed to a scenic island - Lazarus Island to BBQ the fish.

Types of fish in Singapore
Catch of the day
fishing charter Singapore
Let's take a photo on Lazarus Island

The BBQ pit was setup at the pavilion on the island while the fish were gutted to be prepared for BBQ. Though they brought other food like kebabs and satay, the highlight of the day was of course the fish that they caught.

Eric, Betty and Rebecca came from a seafood distributor family and even they were impressed by the freshness and sweetness of the fish.

catch and cook Singapore
Fresher than any fish dish in a restaurant

Other than the remaining fish that they brought home that could last a couple of days, the taste and the experience will definitely stay with them for a lifetime. But what is most valuable of all is the quality bonding time that Eric has always wanted to spend with his two daughters.

father daughter bonding time
Priceless father and daughters quality time together

In a crisis like this, instead of brooding over our spoiled plans, let us all make full use of this opportunity to spend more time with our love ones.

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The names are changed for this blog article.

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