double hookup
double hookup

coral trout
coral trout

Coral Trout
Coral Trout

double hookup
double hookup


Check out the party video below!

If you enjoy fishing with us, you can now purchase

6 Party Fishing package for less than $150 per trip.


Surprise Yourself with your Catch!

If you wish to join us for a day of fishing at the Southern Islands as an individual or as a party of two or three people, etc., sign up for our party fishing trips and prepare to make new fishing buddies!


  • Experience the most popular local offshore fishing in Singapore

  • Spend a day in pursuit of your favourite fish aboard the yacht Artemis I



ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

How to get there?


Adventurous Hours:

9:00am to 3:00pm



  • Rental of fishing equipment

  • Usage of fishing accessories

  • Guidance from Fishing Instructors

  • Bait: live and dead prawns

  • Mineral water on board


Chat with our friendly and experienced Captain to find out what's biting!



$190 per angler

Price is inclusive of GST.

Fishing dates for party fishing are fixed.

Minimum 6 anglers for Party Fishing trip to be confirmed

(You will be notified of the confirmation 3 days before the trip.)

Please click on the available dates below to book your fishing trip.