Day Out: Sunshine After The Rain

As the cold spell brought about by the recent monsoon surge petered out, Artemis I set out on a slightly different kind of adventure. She was supporting a session conducted by My Fishing Frenzy Academy as part of a retreat held by Transient Workers Count Too for a group of 50 injured foreign workers. The day would comprise a short theory lesson immediately followed by two hours' fishing on land, before five lucky anglers were to be selected to come aboard for some offshore action. And what action it would turn out to be! We left the marina and set course for St John's island, and upon our arrival were met with the tranquility that usually cloaks the island on a weekday. Unfortunately, there

Trip Log: Fast Water, Fast Fish

When fishing out in the open sea, anglers usually prefer milder currents in order that they may get their rigs to the seabed more easily. In strong currents, it is not uncommon to have to resort to the use of extremely heavy sinkers and jigs, which can quickly tire out even the most seasoned offshore anglers. On the other hand, as the current picks up, so too does the activity of most pelagic fish. This can make for some very exciting moments, as we are about to see... Bright and early on the morning of the trip, Artemis was once again being prepared for the hunt. A crew of excited anglers arrived early, hungry with anticipation and raring to go. Boarding was swiftly completed and we were so



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