Trip Log: Of Buoys & Boils

One fine Sunday morning not too long ago, six plucky adventurers came aboard the fair vessel Artemis I to spend a day exploring the waters of our Southern Islands. The dark clouds that had loomed over the marina gave way to bright sunshine soon after casting off, and Artemis steamed out of port over the delightfully turquoise sea, once again on the hunt. Strong currents were expected over most of the day, which increased the technical difficulty of the fishing, but also held the promise of great excitement should one prove worthy of the challenge. The rapid flow of water demanded increased sensitivity on the part of the angler, and an overall heightened awareness of how the baited offering w

Navigating the waters of the Southern Islands of Singapore

Every intrepid marine adventurer needs to know his way around his waters. The Southern Islands of Singapore are home to the greatest diversity of coral species around our shores, and its undulating underwater terrain coupled with the shelter provided in some of its lagoons makes it an ideal habitat for many species of hard-fighting and delicious fish to thrive and reproduce. The greatest concentrations of fish are found near uneven terrain features like drop-offs or seamounts. Depending on the prevailing current, fishes typically hold in the lee of the feature to take advantage of the slacker current while having food carried to them. As anglers go where the fish are, they can at times find



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